The Tiny Cook Islands is a castaway’s dream come true. If you’ve ever fantasised about escaping to a remote desert island, far from the hustle and hum of the modern world, then look no further than these 15 fascinating islands, where you’ll find a thousand years of Polynesian culture sitting side by side with some of the most spectacular natural scenery in the South Pacific. The jewel in the crown is Rarotonga, the largest island – a bewitching blend of craggy mountains, dense jungle and glorious bone-white beaches – but you really need to get out and explore some of the other islands as well. The hook-shaped atoll of Aitutaki, the second most visited by tourists, sits at the top of one of the world’s largest coral lagoons, packed with giant clams and technicolour tropical fish, and ringed by smaller uninhabited islets, known as motu, around its outer edges. Then there’s the small, rocky island of ‘Atiu, with its limestone caves, coffee plantations and bush-beer drinking; the makatea islands of Mau’ke, Mitiaro and Mangaia, where traditional village life still predominates; and the far-flung black pearl fields of Penrhyn and Manihiki, which most visitors never get the chance


imageTalking about the Food,Every Body LOVE to Eat And Many South East Asian Like to have spicy foods on Their plates,specially Indonesian those country have so MAny Islands And One Of the Big Island they call West Sumatera,amazingly 99% peoples Living There Like to Eat& Cook SPICY!, Almost everything Goes With Chili,Almost Every Menu at Restauran is spicy,Im not Surprise when RENDANG Being nominate as the Delicious foods In The World,No wonder Many foreigner LOVE Rendang And Being addicted With everything Mix Init,Rendang is Spicy,Tangy And Tender With juiciness Beef& coconut,when u Eat rendang u should take Some rice And Mix it together ..voala..magic Happen,before u Realize u Will finish everything oN ur plate.but Dont Burn ur Your tounge for main Dish Spycy yet,wait for Some desert or snack They make it Some Of Them Companion With Chili !!
.just be carefull To Watch Your Tummy When you visiting the beautyful West Sumatra,beside the main foods is spicy,This Prety Land have so much to offering for sightseeing,from the Prety Lake,Hilss & Beach,Mountain Untill Waterfalls
Is breath taking,Culture so Unique And They Open for foreigner And Very friendly but Holding Very tight With moslem Religion,just want Remain you not to Wear 3 cm Very short short or Thin tang top or If you have idea not to Wearing No bra Better Think about it,They Would staring With unpleasent Face :).
West Sumatra peoples is friendly And Like to help ,They would even offering you Place to Stay for Free If you got lost In Middle Of the nite.
Visiting West Sumatra is Cheap And Easy, just One hour And 30 Mnts Flying from Jakarta main Capital city at Indonesia to Padang.when you arriving There ,i advice you to take Local travel to Bring you Around ITS Lot cheaper rather Them make Your own plan.
You Event can Stay at 4 Star Hotel just cost Around $50 till $70 us dollars, for Lunch And diner at Restauran u just Spend $3-$5 Each Times,If you prefer want try Litle rest auran They call”Lapau” or “Warung Nasi” it Will cost you less Around $2.
Well why not make plan to visiting West Sumatera This Times? Im Guarantee you wont get dispointed,You Will LOVE it !


Bandung is part Of Indonesia ,One Of the famous destinasion If you want spend day 1 or 2 , Bandung Very closes from Jakarta ( Capital city Of Indonesia), usually tourist gonna Think What to do In Bandung? But unfotunely you have to Think  ” What I Will do First In Bandung?” ,Bandung has so much thing to offer from City attraction, sightseeing,Culture exhibition,perfomances,Lounges, Night life,Hils,caffe to Chili Untill Romantic Coner 🙂 . Bandung been famous With Prety Womans And City for student,

if you Like to See Old building since The Dutch Colonial perioud In Indonesia ,You Can go to Braga street,There is a rood forbiden With Vehicles ,They have Some Restauran With Colonial Ambiance serving indische Cuisine,Not Far from Theres historical museum Asia Afrika .

If you want go to See DIFFERENT Sightseeing Just go to Tangkuban perahu or Local call “the up side Down Boat”.this is the active volcanos,disticnt flat peak,oN Clear day the Tangkuban perahu,can be seen from the city to north,the Better day to to seen is the Morning,If u Like horse riding just ask Some guys Whom renting horse for hour to take the nice Place to take a look And get More closer to volcanos…Enjoy Your day ..Enjoy Your vacation at Bandung..

Bali Is Life….Bali Is Paradise :)

Wondering What to do In Bali??,Can not be Cause u wont get bored at BALI !! .. BALI Is The heavenly Asia, The paradise to Dreams Off so Many Celebrity Came To name it..,Everything You Can Find In Bali from Temple,beautyful Mountain,white sand Beach ,Waterfalls,  Prety Lake, Unique Culture ,Food And Pleasure you wont Find at Another country,Bali Is Life..Bali Is Dream..Bali Is Affordable Place compare another country, Bali have everything you Dream Off oN vacation, In The Morning you Can Go Any intresting Places such Like Learn to Painting or just Enjoy The art at Ubud or Just Hang out With lokal at Sanur or See More intresting Place at Bedugul Etc, When the sunset came you can Change Your short to Dress And get ready clubing or get Some few drink With lokal or foreigners, or just stroll along at Kuta Beach.

BALI Have Hundreds four And Five Star Hotel, From 3 Star hotel to backpackers Style Bali have it..,oh im forget to mention it about the foods?? What is Your Favorite Foods? from Italian foods To chinese Foods ,you can just take taxi Ride,Or Want Try Local Foods?? Just Make sure to Tell Them how much level spicy you can take otherwise You Need More Water Them You Though 🙂 .

Bali Is Ready For You.. What Your Waiting For ?? 🙂

Dont Do It In Thailand

Use Your Feet ~ Pointing Your toes to peoples, places or thing it Will be considering impolite.

Touch Their Head ~ unleast you Very cl ose With someone or With Child,You Shouldnt Touch Their Head or put thing over Their Head,

Whistle At The Night ~ Whistle in the Night They considering is bad luck or call spirit.

Raise Your Voice ~ Stay Calm Dont Lose Your Head

Make Out ~ Any Kissing Or Hug sould put oN private,so Extra closesesnes is out Of the Question

Take Of Your Shoes ~ Be aware to take Off Your Shoes when you enter A Place,ITS OK just leavel Them outside

Huge A Monk ~ Monk is forbiden to Touch woman sometimes Not Event Handed something directly,

Romantic Place For Honeymoon At Asia

The Maldives



Ko Samu, Thailland


All places have Prety Beach With Stunning Views,They perfect For Honeymoon,The Best Place For Sharing Intimite Moment,But Dont forget To Check the Weather Conditon So U can Arrive When The Weather Sunny And Dry 🙂

Journey of life

we start our journey When we Born..lets start it…oh wait i Need companion ..Every Body Need companion for life ,because nobody warna be alone,specially when u traveling And just Being alone at hotel Room Thats really lonely& suck !!… Are you agree??but amazingly Some peoples Like to go to vacation or Holiday By Their self, i was found it for me traveling alone is something i Would Think Twice,not because im too chicken nor unbrave enough but the loneliness is killing me, it Will be nice have someone beside you to talk too? Someone can make Different Option where to go? Or even to fight for make desicion What Food We can Eat Today?, For Me doing journey By My self is Too Empty..Im Just Ordinary Gurl  Wish Have Wonderful  Journey And Wish Im Goona Keep Writing Share everything I Know In My Journal Life.. SO.. Tell Me .Would  you Share Journey With Me?

Travel& foods& pleasure